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A conviction for driving a motor vehicle under the influence (DUI) in Riverside County, CA can result in significant penalties such as fines, loss of your driver's license, loss of your job, and/or jail time. In some jurisdictions, multiple DUI convictions can result in a lifetime driving suspension. To protect your driver's license, you must act quickly. A DMV hearing request must be timely.

Certain defenses against Riverside County DUI charges will be available depending on the facts. For example, when you were arrested, the Officer that arrested you was required to obey the Fourth Amendment proscription against unreasonable search and seizure. If he or she did not, then all evidence obtained might be excluded from evidence.

Further, the police must comply with blood alcohol testing requirements. The police may have improperly operated the breath testing machine. You need a skilled Riverside County, CA DUI attorney to analyze the facts and law of your case. Shaffer Cormell has over 28 years experience. He will provide the proper factual and legal analysis and representation in Court that you need.

Serious Consequences can Result if You are Convicted of a DUI!

If the State has arrested you and/or charged you with a DUI you should immediately exercise your Sixth Amendment Right to Counsel by remaining silent, cease all communication with the police, and call the


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