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Press Releases - California Courts No Longer Requiring the Posting of Bail for Most Criminal Cases during the Coronavius Pandemic

On Monday, California's Judicial Council, in an emergency session, set bail for all misdemeanors and low-level felonies at “zero dollars” because of the dangers created by the Coronavirus in crowded jails.

However, the Judicial Council, which is the State Court's policymaker for the Superior Court system, decided violent crimes would not be eligible for the temporary bail reduction. The new bail mandates  take effect no later than 5 p.m. on Monday.

In addition, emergency orders issued by the State's Judicial Council also allow local courts to set up remote hearings via teleconference technology and for counsel to appear on behalf of defendants in pretrial proceedings.

The Judicial Council rules are designed to limit the number of people in jails and courtrooms.  
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Very grateful for Attorney Cormell. His calmness very attentative to what was going on with what I needed. I needed an attorney that was honest and knew what needed to be accomplished to get to the goal. Carolina
They did a great job. Plead not guilty and got the case dismissed. Shaffer and his team have a great attitude and outstanding work ethic. They have always been very kind and caring as most cases can be sensitive. Thanks again to Shaffer and team. Jared
Mr. Shaffer is very knowledgeable. He was a excellent lawyer. I retained hIm, he gave me accuracy of what the outcome would be, and it was. He was honest up front and throughout my proceedings. I would refer him to anyone looking for a great lawyer with swift results. He’s a winner. Gabriela