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I do really appreciate this wonderful giving from the crew of Law Offices of Shaffer Cormell. I definitely recommend anyone who are in the area of troubled commitments. These guys can absolutely do the right job for you.

- Manuel Garcia

Attorneys Cormell and Hickey went above and beyond to get my case solved and had it dismissed. You would definitely be in good hands. These attorneys will actually get back to you and work on your case. Without they are excellent people and would definitely recommend.

- Clram

I am so thankful to attorney Shaffer Cornell for today’s court representation. My outcome was positive and I truly recommend his service.

- Maria Spease

They are awesome to work with. I was out of town on work and got a BS ticket and they were able to help me out. I live 2500 miles away and trey always kept me up to date with everything.

- Joel Everhart

Mr. Cormell is a very personable and great man. Very easy to talk to and always communicated. Considering how busy attorney's are, i was /always have been very happy with the response time(s) The law offices met or Mr Cormell personally.

I highly recommend Mr Cormell. I had him represent me in san bermardino County. I am extremely happy with the outcome . Thank you again Mr Cormell and Law Office .

- Josh Baca

I got a ticket while I was driving for Lyft. Stressed, contacted Shaffer and he and his team got me out of it. He was extremely detailed in explaining how everything went down, how he represented me in court, at the end of the day it was the best decision I ever made. I cant HIGHLY recommended Shaffer enough.

- Jordan B.

I got a speeding ticket and MR. Cormell handled my case. I could not be any more happier with the outcome he got my case dismissed once again on December 27th 2019. MR. Cormell is truly First class professional and very informative and his office staff members are just as professional and informative. I can 100% say you really are in good hands with his law offi! Thank you so much MR. Cormell.

- Nawaz R.

On the way to Los Angeles, outside of Baker, officer claimed that I was traveling 97MPH.

As a resident of Las Vegas, the Law Offices of Shaffer Cormell said they were able to take care of it. Yes, for $675 everything is covered and just as everyone else, I did not have to come to the office or show up in court.

They connected me to Attorney J. Brian Campbell and we worked through email.

January 2018 I Contacted Shaffer Cormell Offices, come June 2018 the trial was held, officer did not appear, and my case dismissed.

After weighing the pros and cons about hiring an attorney, this was a great choice. No record, no increase on insurance, no traffic school, or fines!

- Malisa S.

Shaffer Cormell is an honest lawyer. Very rare these days.

- Mike S.

Will break it down for you as much as possible.

Tourists from Hawaii driving from Las Vegas into California (on way to Anaheim). Just entered into San Bernardino County, have yet to reach Barstow and we get pulled over. Mind you- WE ARE FROM HAWAII- where speed limits are no more than 60!!! Yet, the officer claims we were going 94 in 70. Really? Perhaps we were going 77 But not 94! Ok, So I asked to see confirmation (as a courtesy!) "Would be glad to be proven wrong..." His response: "By California Law, I'm not REQUIRED to show you anything... By California Law, they TRUST ME to know how fast you were going..." Wait, What? Why? Cause we brown? Whatever. We refused to sign the ticket and then he says: "Ok, if you don't sign, I'll arrest you and put a big fat dent in your vacation!" Whaaaaaattt???? Thanks for the utmost NOT consideration for tourists!

Furiated... I'm on the phone (3 hours more to drive) with every traffic law attorney in the San Bernardino County found on Yelp, Google, etc.

Law Offices of Shaffer Cormell. Helpful, friendly, clear, concise and to the point.

Both Shaffer Cormell & J. Brian Campbell helped us with our case.

$675 for representation gets you: FULL DEFENSE, no return for court appearances needed. Tells you the goal/plan and you probably don't have to do anything but pay the attorney fee, they take care of everything! Didn't even have to turn in a statement! And they keep you updated as needed via email. And any questions you have: email and you'll get a response within 24-hrs.

Felt a little sketch about it (pricey), but rest assured. 5 months later, DISMISSED:)

$675 vs. $366 ticket + 15 years record on driving abstract + increased insurance premiums .

No thank you California! But thank you J. Brian Campbell & Shaffer Cormell!

- Sarah A.

I was driving on a country road, from Route 60 to Hemet. Two cars were moving at slow speed for a long distance. On a passing lane, I passed them but Highway patrol was clocking there, on a passing lane? Anyway, I was stopped. Through googling, I found Mr. Cormell. The rest is really history. After about 10 months, the case was dismissed. Through this time, his office handled everything and kept me updated. Patiently responded to questions I had. I wish I will never need him again but if someone else should ever need one in Inland Empire. I highly recommend him.

- Henry H.

I recently had the misfortune of getting 2 traffic citations; CHP and SB Sheriff, both for speeding, one with the additional Cell Phone while driving charge. I reached out to the Law Offices of Shaffer Cormell. Throughout the process their communication was on point and prompt. The fee was fair, substantially less than paying the tickets. In the end they were able to have both citations dismissed! I hope I will not need them again, but let's face it I have a bit of a lead foot so I probably will, and would call them again without even thinking about it. If you received a citation, which if you're reading this review you probably did, do yourself a favor and call them too.

- Ralph A.

I don't write reviews too often but this firm moved me to do so. The bottom line is they successfully defended my wife's ticket and made me feel the whole time we were in good hands. Thanks!

- Neal R.

Do not hesitate to hire Shaffer Cormell!! It took 6 months to work throught the process but Mr. Cormell got my citation dismissed!! I live in Las Vegas so appearing in court would not have been easy and certainly would have entailed some expense. He appeared in court in my behalf several times and always communicated quickly with status updates. Best money I ever spent! I sent them my ticket and that was it. They took care of everything in a very professional manner! I seldom to never write reviews but thought if I did it may be helpful to the next person needing assistance and guidance.

- Kerry H.

Ok so I have contacted attorneys before and have never been satisfied until I contacted Shaffer Cormell! This was by far the best experience I have ever had when it comes to seeking legal help! He is a true life saver! Very strait forward, positive and gets the job done!!!

- Gary A.

I highly recommend Mr. Shaffer Cormell for anyone (and everyone) who is experiencing a traffic issue in the Banning/Indio/Blythe areas. I was starting a new chapter in my life moving to Arizona when I got pulled over in Indio for no license plates (new car) and speeding. I had the plates in the back seat but didn't have time to put them on. I even explained to the officer that I was moving and had so many things on my mind I just didn't have time. He wrote me up. And as for speeding, I know I wasn't going as fast as he "clocked" me. I contacted Mr. Cormell and he listened with such compassion and understanding. Long story short, the ticket with both violations were dismissed! Mr. Cormell was professional, attentive to every detail, always kept me informed, and persistant. When I began to doubt he didn't. Again, anyone with legal issues, Call Shaffer Cormell. He has distinguished himself as being the best! G.T.

- Gerri T.

Very grateful for Attorney Cormell. His calmness very attentative to what was going on with what I needed. I needed an attorney that was honest and knew what needed to be accomplished to get to the goal.

- Carolina

They did a great job. Plead not guilty and got the case dismissed. Shaffer and his team have a great attitude and outstanding work ethic. They have always been very kind and caring as most cases can be sensitive. Thanks again to Shaffer and team.

- Jared