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Drug and narcotics charges range from simple possession of a controlled substance, to possession with the intent to sell, and/or to manufacturing of controlled substances, among other potential charges.

If the State has charged you with a drug or narcotics crime, there may be ways to keep the charges off your record. Depending on the facts, it could be possible to reduce an intent to sell charge to a possession only charge. Then, drug diversion programs or substance abuse treatment, followed by a dismissal of the charges, might be available instead of incarceration.

If you face more serious charges that cannot be reduced, such as possession with intent to sell or manufacturing of a controlled substance, prison time could result.

Certain defenses will be available depending on the facts. You need a skilled attorney to analyze the facts and law of your case. Shaffer Cormell has over 28 years experience. He will provide the proper factual and legal analysis and representation in Court that you need.

Serious Consequences can Result if You are Convicted of a Drug Crime!

If the State has arrested you or charged you with drug or narcotics crime you should immediately exercise your Fifth Amendment Miranda Rights and Sixth Amendment Right to Counsel by remaining silent, cease all communication with the police, and call the


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